Travelling is.. a little bit boring.

Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love travelling. I wouldn’t take a year off of my life to do so if I didn’t, but there are some downsides that I didn’t expects when I first ventured off on my adventure.

My expectations of travelling when leaving Australia were high. I was off on an adventure- meeting new people, seeing new sights. This was going to be awesome! But as the plane took off and reality sunk in I sat thinking to myself- what am I going to do all day? Sure most of my time was going to be getting out there, soaking up the richness of old Cambodian men shouting “TUK TUK” at me and eating more rice than I can handle. But aside from the long bus rides, eating out and being my tourist what was my purpose during the day. What did I have to offer that could full stimulate my mind and body.

Keeping busy while traveling can be easy and it can be hard. I have just spend 2 months in South-East Asia and a month in the U.K. so I can compare the different activities to do in each country. Sure you have time to keep fit, keep your hygiene in check and eat properly but we all know that takes an hour, what to do for the rest of the day?

Ive had to come to the realisation that travelling is kinda boring. Sure, everyone else would say you’re so lucky to be travelling full-time, you’re so fortunate. The fact is I’ve worked hard to travel full time so no, I’m not lucky, I’m focused.

So here it is, my top tips for keeping busy while travelling (because let’s face it we can’t drink and chill out every day);

1. Do exercise- my recommendation for keeping fit on the move is FreeLetics, just 10 minutes a day does wonders even if you don’t realise it.

2. Walk. Everywhere.- I walk on average about 5km a day, mostly give. Walking is a fabulous way to keep healthy if you can’t work out all the time.

3. Stimulate the brain- wether that’s reading a book or doing brain training, your brain needs to be exercised just as much as the body.

4. Cook your own meals- great way to keep track of your spending aaaand keeps you to your own standard of health.

5. Stop being so god damn anti-social- I fucking hate hostels. They’re dirty, the people are rude and don’t get me started on the kitchen. But you can meet some interesting people there so have a conversation, even if it is the same travel ice-breaker (“where have you been” or “where are you from?”).

There you have it folks. Boredom while travelling is normal, especially for long amounts of time. But keeping a routine, or trying something new without trying to cram everything into your day is the best way to keep a balanced lifestyle.

Till next time folks.